Rose has always been a creative soul.

She started singing and song writing at the age of 18 and became professional a few years later. Rose spent 15 years performing around Sydney with some of Australia’s best jazz musicians. She delighted audiences with sultry versions of jazz standards and original compositions, releasing an album, an EP and a single.


Rose started writing her screenplay, “Seven Stones”, while she was painting and holding exhibitions of her work. She held 16 exhibitions and sold most of her paintings. Then she settled in to focussing all her energy on her screenplay.


“Seven Stones” is a compelling action/romance sci fi feature film. It follows the story of a unique young couple who are caught up in the fight against global warming; looking to find answers. They also find themselves in the middle of a war between two alien races – the Gentians and the Todiums. The story twists and turns through their adventures to find a solution and hang on to it. They come up against many obstacles and challenges, but their love and trust in each other survives.


Rose has worked on and produced some of the sound track for this film, which can be heard through links in soft copies of the screenplay.


If you would like Rose to email you a copy of the Screenplay for “Seven Stones” get in touch via contact.