Seven Stones

It’s 2085 and an extraordinary young couple find themselves battling global and alien forces to reverse the end of humanity.

It is the year 2085 and the world is in the grip of global warming. Ice caps are melting, seas have risen and the minimum temperature is 110 degrees farenheit.

Kate, an Environmental Researcher and Jesse, a Geophysicist, are assigned to investigate an asteroid which has landed in the Amazon rainforest. They discover seven stones of an element called Mendelite within the asteroid, which have the potential to reverse global warming on the seven continents.

Meanwhile in outer space, there is an alien race called the Gentians, and another called the Todiums who have been feuding since the beginning of time. They both set out to re-vegetate earth for themselves so that they can inhabit it. Acting as a Double Agent between the two alien races is Simon, a clever but slimy humanoid who goes where the rewards are.

The Gentians’ planet has been destroyed by global warming. Consequently, the Queen sends the Mendelite and a Gentian called Kybo in the asteroid to earth. Kybo is to investigate earth as a possible alternative to colonise.

Kate and Jesse become embroiled in this saga, abducted and genetically modified by the Gentians, and subjected to shape shifters by the Todiums. They develop a relationship with Simon as he is instructed by the Gentian Queen to befriend them. They do not see his dark side until much later.

Their goal to save the world from global warming is thwarted by the arrival of an Arabian Prince wanting to steal the Mendelite so that it won’t affect his oil production. They are later taken
hostage to Saudi Arabia as the Prince plans to destroy the Mendelite, but Kate and Jesse escape with the stones.


After seeing the destruction of civilization by the Gentians, Kate and Jesse find a way to turn back time and warn the President of the impending alien invasion.

A vigorous battle ensues between the U.S. Air Force and the Gentians. Most of the Air Force is lost, but the Gentian spaceship is brought down.

The Gentian Queen is taken prisoner, the Mendelite is successfully processed and distributed, and earth is given a second chance.

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