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The Stone

A brilliant and dedicated scientist struggles to stop global warming destroying the earth. When she thinks she has found the solution, it turns out it could be the end of civilization...

We see a montage of events caused by global warming, followed by ongoing climate change weather events which continue as an ever-present background throughout the film.

CHARLIE GARCIA is a gutsy Environmental Scientist who has always been passionate about stopping global warming. Her partner, HUDSON TAYLOR, is an Investigative Journalist who is obsessed with aliens. And KYBO is an Alien who has been sent by AGA, the GENTIAN QUEEN, to make contact with Charlie and Hudson, and give them The Stone.

Charlie and Hudson are both highly respected in their fields, and when an Asteroid lands in the rainforest, the Government sends them both to investigate. By this stage their relationship is on the rocks, so there is a lot of tension between them.

Kybo, the Gentian Alien, appears from the asteroid with a large bulbous head and long, skinny arms and legs. Hudson is ecstatic.

Kybo gives Charlie The Stone, called Mendelite, saying it will stop global warming.

Several people try to steal The Stone, but with Kybo and Hudson’s help, Charlie manages to regain it every time. Kybo and Hudson develop an amusing bromance.

While in the mountains, they visit Charlie’s old mentor, Jerome, in his mountain village cottage and laboratory. They show him the stone, but there is an accident in his laboratory and alien vegetation starts to rapidly emerge from The Stone, swallowing up Jerome.

The alien vegetation swallows up people, buildings, everything. Kybo, Hudson and Charlie manage to escape on a helidrone. The locals flee as refugees into other countries, but the hideous alien vegetation follows them.

Kybo takes Charlie and Hudson by helidrone to the Alien Mother Ship, where Charlie and Queen Aga have an awesome catfight. Charlie hates Aga on sight, while Aga feels superior.

Queen Aga wants Charlie and Hudson to be her Gentian “Adam and Eve”, so she puts them in the alien wilderness. They stay there for three months, having hallucinogenic sex, fending off wild alien animals and building a wonderful life together, while Charlie works on The Stone, trying to discover a way that it can stop global warming.

Kybo rescues them after Charlie believes she has found a solution, and rushes them to the Capitol to meet with the transgender Prime Minister (Alexis).

The Government build a security building to house The Stone at the top of Mount Kosciuszko and activate The Stone to settle the climate globally. The helidrone nearly crashes on the way to Mount Kosciuszko, but the plan works and global warming ceases.

Charlie, Hudson and Kybo travel by helidrone to an Air Force Base. Kybo is accidentally seen by one of the soldiers and shot dead. Charlie and Hudson are devastated.

There is a Great Battle between the Air Force and the Gentians. The General calls up his best fighter pilots to gather for an urgent air strike on the Gentian Spaceship. Charlie and Hudson secretly climb on board the jets and join the Force. They get very involved in the battle.

The Gentians are defeated and their Spaceship crashes to the ground.

As the Gentians no longer exist, the alien vegetation disappears. Jerome reappears.

The refugees all return; laughing and celebrating, to their homes.

There is a Gala at the Capitol.

Charlie, Hudson and Jerome win an International Prize for saving the world from Global Warming.


Charlie and Hudson are congratulated, along with the Air Force, for defeating the Gentians.

Copyright 2022

Rose Langford

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